Welcome to Main Line Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Welcome to Main Line Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, an integrated health and well-being center.  

From the time you enter the door, you will immediately notice that this office is different from the rest:
Hardwood floors, leather upholstery, XM music in each room, colorful arts and lots more...

Here at MLAOM, we are a group of highly skilled practitioners in the arts of healing and science.  Our mission is
to provide best health care and services in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine through our passionate
teamwork. We understand that each individual’s health is different, thus the personalized care and attention
are the priority for each of our staff member. We believe that health can be achieved by building up a
respectful and trusting healing partnership between patients and doctors. We are looking forward to
becoming part of your healing team.

Why Us

  • Personalized care and best quality of treatment are our priority
  • We are M.D. in China and licensed Oriental Medicine therapists in the U.S., we are among the most
    experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners in this region
  • Spa style services provide you the most wonderful treatment experience
  • Hours are flexible including night hours on Wednesdays and weekend hours
  • We are conveniently located in the center of Ardmore, PA, easy for private and public transportation
Main Line Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
- Your Holistic Care Center
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